Only 2D Visuals Supported in Super Mario Maker 3DS

Only 2D Visuals Are Supported in Super Mario Maker 3DS

While Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS will launch on Nintendo’s 3D-capable handheld system, the game will only support 2D visuals.

The build-your-own-course hit that graced Wii U one year ago will arrive on Nintendo 3DS this December. But those hoping to design and play levels in a 3D environment, powered by the Nintendo 3DS hardware, may be in for a surprise.

According to the Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS box art, pictured below, the game “plays only in 2D.” As noted in our article titled “Super Mario Maker for 3DS is Already Mediocre At Best,” the portable Mario Maker also lacks online course sharing, amiibo functionality, and Mystery Mushroom costumes.

While the lack of 3D visual support may be a feature overlooked by some consumers, the game’s title alone may be misleading to uninformed consumers.

What are your thoughts on Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS only supporting 2D visuals? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below or on our social media channels.

Super Mario Maker Box Art (Plays Only in 2D)

Only 2D Visuals Supported in Super Mario Maker 3DS

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS debuts in Japan on December 1, 2016. It launches in North America and Europe one day later on December 2.

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  1. I wonder if this is because they are releasing this on the entire 3DS family of systems. If they had limited this to the New Nintendo 3DS system I wonder if they could have included 3D? Interesting…

    • But they only had 3D for Hyrule Warriors Legends on the New 3DS so there isn’t really an excuse there. Perhaps it’s because the ‘backgrounds’ people make out of other objects won’t look very good or some things would look out of place.

      I think the reason is it wouldn’t translate well into the older themes and it means we can place more objects than if we did (Which is the reason Hyrule Warriors only play in 3D on the New 3DS because it has a bigger CPU).


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