Nintendo Power Magazine Archive Surfaces Online

Blast from the past

Nintendo Power Magazine Archive Surfaces Online
Image: Super Luigi Bros.

Update (August 8): The massive Nintendo Power archive, as reported below, has been removed from its location on Attempting to visit the webpage results in a “No results matched your criteria.” message.

Original story:

Nintendo fans can take a stroll down Memory Lane to sift through a massive Nintendo Power magazine archive that boasts 145 old-school issues.

Classified Information, Counselor’s Corner, and Howard & Nester — just some of the magazine’s many classic features that those familiar with it will recognize and remember all too well. From the iconic first issue featuring “Super Mario 2” that debuted in July 1988 to the 145th issue published in June 2001, it’s all there — in full color.

All 145 issues were archived to Internet Archive on February22, 2016; interestingly enough, news of the large digital cache of retro goodness has just recently started making its rounds on the Internet. Viewers can turn pages using a slideshow function or even download complete volumes as Kindle, ZIP, or PDF files.

It’s unknown if archivists will continue to supplement the online collection, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out and let you know.

Nintendo Power ended its production contract with publisher Future US in August 2012. The final issue, a throwback tribute to the first issue featuring New Super Mario Bros. U, was published in December 2012. In total, 285 volumes were published.

Do you have any fond memories of Nintendo Power magazine? Feel free to let us know which ones tickled your nostalgia bone in the comments section below.


  1. Well, I have a file based dvd with some issues on it. I remember back when some nerd bought the url name right after Nintendo refused to renew it.

  2. Nice! It’s got the October 1993 issue in the archive which is when I made the “Power Players” page with my sub-2:00 finishing time in Metroid II on Game Boy. 21st century speedrunners can finish the game in half that time but I was extremely proud of my accomplishment. I had played through the game enough times by that point that I had the entire map close to memorized. I don’t really do that so much anymore with modern games because of how much bigger they are.


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