Mr. Saturn, Master Belch Headed to Super Mario Maker

Mr. Saturn, Master Belch Headed to Super Mario Maker

Mother series characters Mr. Saturn and Master Belch will each have their own special Event Course in Super Mario Maker starting on December 19 in Japan. (Folks in America and Europe will likely receive the two courses later this evening.)

Mr. Saturn (どせいさん in Japanese) are species of extra-terrestrial life forms found in Eagleland’s Saturn Valley in Mother 3 and the Nowhere Islands’s Saturn Valley in EarthBound. They are known for having round bodies and large noses. They’re apparently genderless, too.

Master Belch (ゲップー in Japanese) on the other hand, is a boss in EarthBound who resembles a large, animated pile of vomit. He’s later referred to as Master Barf.

Check out each of their Mystery Mushroom gameplay trailers below.

Mr. Saturn Mystery Mushroom Costume

Mr. Belch Mystery Mushroom Costume

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