Nintendo Adds Gothic Stages to Miitomo Drop

Shrouded in darkness

Nintendo Adds Gothic Stages to Miitomo Drop

A trio of Gothic-inspired stages are now available in Miitomo Drop, adding a dark layer of fashion items to the game’s ever-growing wardrobe.

From now until 7:59 a.m. PT/ 10:59 a.m. ET on Sunday, May 15, Miitomo users worldwide can play the app’s mini-game for a chance to win several dark pieces of clothing — not exactly the most colorful selection. These new Miitomo Drop stages are themed “Elegance in darkness … Gothic Fashion.”

Gothic Items – Miitomo Drop

Elegance in darkness … Gothic Fashion #1

  1. Gothic lord coat (set)
  2. Gothic lady gown (set)
  3. Gothic lord hat (set)
  4. Gothic lady crown (set)

Elegance in darkness … Gothic Fashion #2

  1. Goth-punk boots
  2. Cat-ear hat w/ chains
  3. Goth-punk girl outfit

Elegance in darkness … Gothic Fashion #3

  1. Dark faerie dress
  2. Dark faerie tights
  3. Dark faerie slippers
  4. Dark faerie shirt & breeches

As always, each drop (play) in Miitomo Drop will cost you 500 Miitomo coins or one game ticket. Users who don’t win any prizes will always walk about with a handful of sugary sweet Miitomo Candy to feed their friends for juicy answers to questions.

Will you be trying to score any of the new Gothic items? Let us know in the comments section below or on our social media channels. As a reminder, new Splatoon items are headed to Miitomo next week.

gothic_stages_miitomo_drop_1 gothic_stages_miitomo_drop_2 gothic_stages_miitomo_drop_3

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