Genesect Doll Arrives in Pokémon Dream World in July

Genesect Doll Arrives in Pokémon Dream World Doll in July

Trainers can spruce up their Pokémon Dream World home with a Genesect Doll by using a limited-time password via Pokémon Global Link website.

Have you checked your Pokémon Trainer mailbox on the official Pokémon website lately? If not, you have a special password waiting in your inbox. From July 11 through August 1, you can use that special password to unlock a Genesect Doll for your Pokémon Dream World home.

This special promotion is valid for the Pokémon Black Version, Pokémon Black 2 Version, Pokémon White Version and Pokémon White 2 Version game cards for the Nintendo DS.

Genesect Dream World Doll

Here’s how you’ll obtain the Genesect Pokémon Dream World Doll:

  • Log in to the Pokémon Global Link
  • click on “Promotions”
  • click on “Get More Pokémon Dolls In July”
  • Enter the password GMPGD

Be on the lookout for more exclusive dolls. Enjoy!

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  1. It is sad that I am not interested in these dolls anymore. They are cute but you can’t use them in anything other than Dream World. I don’t have any of my friends who can easily view my Dream World so I can’t even show it off. *Sigh*


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