Captain Toad amiibo Support Let’s You Seek Out Pixel Toad


Captain Toad Amiibo Support Let's You Seek Out Pixel Toad

Nintendo’s cutest little hero, Toad, finally has his own amiibo. As part of the Super Mario series lineup, the new Toad amiibo will launch on March 20. Not only that, but Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will make full use of the toy by adding a new feature to the Captain’s puzzling Wii U adventure.

If the Toad amiibo is scanned while playing Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Pixel Toad will appear in your current level. Pixel Toad is a small, 8-bit, two-dimensional version of Toad that will scurry around and hide. Then, just like in hide-and-seek, your job is to hunt him down. (I say “him,” although Toad’s real gender isn’t actually known.)

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Players can summon a Pixel Toad in every level of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. This functionality will be added in an upcoming software update for the game planned for March 20—the same day the Toad amiibo hits store shelves.

You can watch the full announcement from yesterday’s Nintendo Direct in the video below.

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Captain Toad Amiibo Support – Nintendo Direct



  1. You know, this amiibo support got me thinking, Captain Toad was said to have stamps, but there were none in game. I wonder if the amiibo support reward is a stamp per level. (I want Toad stamps noooooooooow!)


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