3DS System Update 6.1.0-12 Now Available

3DS System Update 6.1.0-12 Now Available

Nintendo 3DS system update version 6.1.0-12 is now available, adding StreetPass Mii Plaza functionality and improved system stability.

According to Nintendo’s official “System Menu Update History” webpage, the following changes for version 6.1.0-12 have been noted:

Nintendo 3DS System Update 6.1.0-12 Details

  • The option to update StreetPass Mii Plaza is now available from the StreetPass Mii Plaza menu
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Updating StreetPass Mii Plaza will provide new features, such as the ability to change your Mii character’s expression and the ability to purchase new StreetPass Mii Plaza games.

In addition, the ability to update within StreetPass Mii Plaza and purchase paid content is only available to users in regions where the full version of the Nintendo eShop is available.

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  1. Another update? Nintendo is in the ball with updates it seems. I am happy with the frequency of updates, though. I cant wait for the next major Wii U update.

    Also, anyone heard of an upcoming update for Wii? I know they are shutting some Wii services like Check Mii out channel, news & forecast channel. I hope they for an update to remove those channels. I’d prefer that since they’ll no longer be used.


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