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Martyn is a web developer by day and gamer by night. You'll usually find him scoffing at retail game prices, attempting to conquer his backlog, or writing for Nintendo News.
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Review (Wii U)

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is too much of a traditional JRPG to bring new players to Wii U, but it’s a solid exclusive that SMT or Persona fans will adore.
Pocket Card Jockey Review (3DS eShop)

Game Freak's solitaire x horse racing mashup Pocket Card Jockey is so quirky, addictive, and unique there's no excuse to not give it a try.
Pokkén Tournament Review (Wii U)

Bandai Namco's Pokkén Tournament makes the fighting genre accessible to a younger audience, but does little to accommodate more experienced players.
SteamWorld Heist Review (3DS eShop)

SteamWorld Heist is another huge leap forward for Image & Form. It's more than just a worthy successor: it's a magnificent showcase for an entire genre.
FAST Racing NEO Review (Wii U eShop)

FAST Racing NEO delivers Shin’en’s trademark aesthetic polish and applies it to an otherwise fully-fledged package that racing fans will lap up.
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Review (3DS)

AlphaDream has refined its own RPG formula to near-perfection while accommodating another series. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is a modern classic.
Rodea the Sky Soldier Review (Wii U)

Kadokawa’s interpretation of Rodea the Sky Soldier on Wii U misses the mark on so many levels, and it’s a prime example of how to butcher a solid idea.
Wii Celebrates Ninth Birthday Today in North America

Nintendo’s record-breaking Wii console is nine years old in North America today, having made its worldwide debut in the region on November 19, 2006.
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review (Wii U)

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash serves up a feast for the eyes, but Camelot has lost too much of the charm and character that made its predecessors so special.
I Went Hands-on With Nintendo Badge Arcade

You've bought the Cover Plates and downloaded the Themes; Nintendo Badge Arcade adds another layer of customization to your Nintendo 3DS system.
Toki Tori 3D Review (3DS eShop)

Toki Tori is still worth playing in 2015. The 3D version, Toki Tori 3D, is a great port with an even better price tag, and feels right at home on 3DS.
STARWHAL Review (Wii U eShop)

The Wii U eShop is the perfect home for STARWHAL as a multiplayer-focused gem; however, its lack of online modes make it difficult to recommend.