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Nintendo Switch Specs, Launch Titles to be Announced in 2017

Nintendo will not share news about Nintendo Switch specs, its planned launch window titles, or the console's region-lock status until 2017.
Nintendo Switch amiibo Support Confirmed

Nintendo said its next home video game platform, officially named Nintendo Switch, will offer amiibo support for compatible game software.
Nintendo NX Officially Unveiled as Nintendo Switch

After nearly two years of anticipation, Nintendo has unveiled Nintendo Switch, its next-generation video game system set to launch in 2017.
Nintendo NX Preview Video Coming Tomorrow

Nintendo will finally reveal the first glimpse of its new Nintendo NX platform via short preview video on October 20 for fans worldwide.
Pokémon Yungoos Was Not Inspired by Donald Trump

Alola Pokémon Yungoos and its evolution Gumshoos were not meant to look like presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to Game Freak.
Pirouette Like a Pro in Pokémon Sun & Moon

Pulling off the perfect pirouette is a complicated art, but Trainers can practice whirling and twirling all they want in Pokémon Sun & Moon.
NES Debuted in North America 31 Years Ago Today

The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES as it's more commonly referred to as, launched in North America 31 years ago on October 18, 1985.
Alolan Dugtrio is a Thing in Pokémon Sun & Moon

One Trainer recently discovered Alolan Dugtrio on a tropical island in the Pokémon Sun & Moon demo while zooming in with the Poké Finder.
Pokémon Sun & Moon Demo Goes Live Tuesday Morning

The Pokémon Sun & Moon Special Demo Version goes live in the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America on October 18 at 7 a.m. PT/ 10 a.m. ET.
Pokémon Sun TCG Booster Pack Box Features New Pokémon

The Japanese booster pack box artwork for Pokémon Sun TCG (Trading Card Game) shows, what appears to be, an unannounced Water-type Pokémon.
New Notification Options Available for Pokémon GO Plus

A few new notification options are now available for Trainers who search for Pokémon using the Pokémon GO Plus accessory, Niantic announced.
Secret River City Ransom Password Discovered

After launching nearly 27 years ago on the NES, a programmer cracked a River City Ransom password unknown to the public until this month.