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Kevin's a snobby (but classy) tea extraordinaire, seasoned sushi connoisseur, and cold weather lover. He also likes Pokémon, exploring Japan, and has perfected the art of making the perfect matcha.
Gold Goombas Event Arrives in Super Mario Run March 30

Super Mario Run players on Android can stomp Gold Goombas to rack up bonus coins when a special in-game event arrives on Thursday.
Nintendo News Stays Stateside as Owner Heads to Japan

In March I laid out expected changes and the future plans for Nintendo News, but today I'm here to give readers an update on the situation.
Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct Airs November 2

An Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct, focused exclusively on new updates coming to New Leaf, will be broadcast worldwide on November 2.
Mythical Pokémon Genesect Blasts to GameStop on November 1

A limited-time Mythical Pokémon Genesect event is blasting to GameStop stores via special serial code distribution starting on November 1.
Hyrule Warriors Legends - A Link Between Worlds DLC Trailer

Nintendo has released the overview trailer for the Hyrule Warriors Legends - A Link Between Worlds Pack, which features Ravio and Yuga.
Pokemon Sun & Moon - Train On #3 Video

The Pokémon Company has shared the third part of the inspirational "Train On" video series for Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon on Nintendo 3DS.
Ectoplaza Launch Trailer (Wii U eShop)

Indie studio Syndicate Atomic released a launch trailer for Ectoplaza, their new chaotic and spooky Wii U eShop game, in time for Halloween.
Final Starter Evolutions Unveiled for Pokémon Sun & Moon

A new trailer has revealed Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina as the final Starter evolutions for Pokémon Sun & Moon’s partner Pokémon.
Daily Quests Reportedly Coming to Pokémon GO

Data miners found program code in Pokémon GO’s latest software update on Android that references Daily Quests and possible new rewards.
Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Dated for January 12

Nintendo will announce the Nintendo Switch release date, its pricing and launch titles at the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 in January.
Discover New Pokémon Sun & Moon Details on October 27

Trainers can discover even more details about Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon on Thursday ahead of the games' global debut on 3DS next month.
Twisted Fusion Launch Trailer (Wii U eShop)

Indie developer Leuvsion recently published their Twisted Fusion launch trailer ahead of the game's release on the Wii U eShop next week.