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Joe learned to read by playing The Legend of Zelda. As a result, his advice is cryptic, but useful. If he's not playing video games, something terrible must have happened.
Shantae 3DS HOME Menu Themes Arrive On April 2

WayForward is bringing two Shantae 3DS HOME Menu themes to North America on April 2: Shantae Pirate Premium and Rottytops Premium.
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Amiibo Update Available

A new Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker amiibo update is now available, allowing players to scan the Toad amiibo to unlock Pixel Toad.

A Mario vs. Donkey Kong Tipping Stars 3DS theme is winding up and marching its way to the Japanese Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop on March 19.
Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ Review (3DS)

Bandai Namco's Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ on Nintendo 3DS flies high at times, but often lacks fire power in other areas.
Toys R Us Delays Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Shipments

Not so fast there, Kirby fans. You may have received an email from Toys R Us, with news that Rainbow Curse shipments have been delayed.

What combines microtransactions, pocket monsters, and puzzles? Pokémon Shuffle, now available for free in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.
Sneaky Ninja Kickstarter Creeps Closer to Wii U

From the darkest of shadows, Starfall Studios' stealth action platformer Sneaky Ninja inches closer and closer to the Wii U eShop.