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David Adam

David is a self-proclaimed expert on Electric-type Pokémon, which would explain his haircut. When he’s not writing for Nintendo News, he’s consistently finishing in third place in Mario Kart 8 online.
How EarthBound Helped Me Battle Mental Illness

During my first year of college I began experiencing a crippling mental illness, but with the help of a game called EarthBound I overcame it.
Five 3DS Games to Play on Your Summer Road Trip

To welcome the first day of summer 2016, we've pondered five Nintendo 3DS games perfectly suited for long, uncomfortable road trips.
Five Wii U Games to Play During Summer 2016

With the warm days just around the corner, we've whittled away a collection of five Wii U games that deserve a playthrough during summer 2016.
A Fistful of Movie Ideas for Nintendo

With Nintendo's recent interest in the film industry, we take a look at five of the company's popular IP that could work for a new movie.
Five Things I Hate About Miitomo

I’ve had a chance to play through Miitomo and there are five things about it that frustrated me, confused me, or just made me downright uncomfortable.