Welcome to Nintendo News

Welcome to Nintendo News

Hello everyone, welcome to Nintendo News — a brand-new blog dedicated to delivering the most popular Wii U, 3DS, and Nintendo company news on the Internet. You might be thinking, “well, there’s already too many Nintendo news-related sites to keep up with as it is.”

For the past six years, I’ve kept a watchful eye on over fifty of the most popular Nintendo communities and fan sites scattered across the Internet. Some flourished, but most fell to the wayside as a result of short-term high school projects. Or so it seemed. What I ultimately came to realize is that roughly 80% of those communities never had a vision. There were no long-term goals in mind. There was no fire or passion. There was no journalistic endurance. There was simply not enough steam to keep the ink flowing. I was one of those fifty communities — under a handful of other website names — but I’m also proud to be part of the small 20% that decided to keep pursuing a lifelong passion.

A large part of why I decided to stick around can be attributed to the support and feedback from like-minded people around the world. Nintendo fans are just fun to be around: good, bad, and indifferent. Another reason why I’m still around is because I consider this to be a great hobby. It keeps me connected to my childhood — something I cherish and treasure very deeply. Ironically, I don’t have much time to experience new games or relive the ones I grew up with. I’ve made that sacrifice to stay connected with all of you by delivering fun and interesting Nintendo-related news. Good decisions, bad decisions, weird decisions — I’ve made them all during this surreal journey. Overall, each of those decisions have molded a much more solid foundation for my future desires.

When it comes down to it, I just really enjoy being around all of you and discussing Nintendo stuff. I’ve committed myself to a brand-new beginning and I consider this new Nintendo blog to be a major milestone in my life, and I look forward to sharing many more years of that with each and every one of you.

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Best regards,
Kevin McMinn

Kevin's a snobby (but classy) tea extraordinaire, seasoned sushi connoisseur, and cold weather lover. He also likes Pokémon, exploring Japan, and has perfected the art of making the perfect matcha.


  1. Hello, Kevin!

    I’m glad to see you have “that fiery passion”. As an experienced news-blogger (I ran a high-school newsletter, and a newsletter on Nintendo News), I know it takes a surprising amount of time to do so much blogging on a large company. That’s why I’d like to point out that many Nintendo-Related news stories have been missed over the past several days. I would offer my help, but as I am currently no more than a comment on your blog… not necessarily trustworthy. I keep up to date on all things Nintendo, and I wouldn’t mind sending you write-ups news stories as they happen (so you can maintain consistent role as runner) for you to make sure are post-able.

  2. This is awesome. I am very happy for you Kevin. I apologize I am just now able to reply. I will be here following you for the long haul buddy.


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