Nintendo News Stays Stateside as Owner Heads to Japan

In March I laid out expected changes and the future plans for Nintendo News, but today I'm here to give readers an update on the situation.
Nintendo News Enjoys Summer Vacation

While Nintendo News enjoys vacation from June 19 through June 29, its readers can still look forward to reviews, features, and indie news.
Nintendo News Update: A Change in Plans and Our Future

Today is an interesting day to share news with our readers, but it's quite likely not the typical type of news you'd expect to read from us.
Another Learning Experience in Games Journalism

Hi, I'm Kevin McMinn. I'm the owner of Nintendo News and the person behind the site's social media accounts — Twitter, Facebook, and Google...

We're back with another amiibo giveaway contest, and we're giving away another Shulk amiibo to one of our lucky readers. Good luck!
Nintendo News Is Giving Away A Shulk Amiibo

Nintendo News is back with another exciting giveaway. This time, we're giving away one (1) brand-new Shulk amiibo to one (1) of our readers.

Nintendo News is giving away a Wii U eShop download code for Super Mario Galaxy 2. You can earn three chances to win via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Nintendo News is giving away a brand-new Diddy Kong amiibo to one lucky fan. Enter via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for up to three chances to win!

For many, the holidays bring depression and thoughts of suicide. Help is available. Please remember that Nintendo News cares and loves all our readers.

What's cuter than a Dedenne Pokémon? How about a Dedenne Halloween Poké Plush, who holds miniature Pumpkaboo in each hand? We're giving one away, too!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, we're giving away one (1) retail copy of the game. Contest open to U.S. residents.

Here at Nintendo News, we appreciate your undying support and dedication. That's why we're giving a little something back: a Super Metroid download code.