FAST Racing NEO No Longer Listed For 2014

FAST Racing NEO No Longer Listed For 2014

Munich, Germany-based independent video game developer Shin’en Multimedia has changed the release information for their upcoming Wii U racing title FAST Racing NEO. The game’s official website initially brandished an image that displayed “Coming 2014,” but it has since been removed by the developer.

A representative from Shin’en Multimedia has today provided a statement to Nintendo News regarding the recent removal of the “Coming 2014″ image for their highly anticipated title.

We don’t have a release date yet for the game, therefore we removed the date from the website.

It’s important to note that the above response does not confirm, nor deny, a potential delay for FAST Racing NEO. In our exclusive interview with Shin’en Multimedia in early January, we asked them the following question, and was told that the title was still on track for a 2014 release.

Nintendo News: There are a lot of heavy hitters coming to Nintendo consoles in 2014. If you don’t mind giving us a rough time frame, when can fans expect to see FAST Racing Neo speed to the eShop?

Shin’en Multimedia: We don’t have a release date yet but our internal schedule is on track.

Shin’en is responsible for bringing Nintendo fans the FAST Racing series, Nano Assault series, Jett Rocket series, and many other high-quality gaming experiences. Until we receive more information, we’ll continue to keep the game’s official website bookmarked and tabbed. And constantly refreshed. Stay tuned.

  1. 8 months ago