Metroidvania RPG Heart Forth, Alicia Could Warm Wii U

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Heart Forth, Alicia (Wii U)

Independent video game developer Alonso Martin is the talented and passionate creator of Heart Forth, Alicia — a brand-new Metroidvania RPG game that screams 1990s nostalgia and boasts an immersive magical world filled with friendship and perilous dangers. And it’s all supported and fused together by inspiring events from a sublime storyline. It really can’t get any better than that.

But what is Heart Forth, Alicia?

For starters, Heart Forth, Alicia is a Kickstarter project. Essentially what that means is this: the title’s success (or failure) is dependent upon whether or not a minimum funding goal is met within a certain period of time. Heart Forth, Alicia is already funded for PC! In fact, the initial funding goal of $60,000 was met — by over 3,000 supporting fans — within the first 24 hours of the Kickstarter going live.

Now, with a growing interest in the title among fans, new platforms are being considered by Alonso and his seven-man crew of highly-talented and versatile team members. Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PlayStation Vita, among other platforms, are the newest prospects that Alonso is “absolutely interested” in. Specifically, he has stated, “…we still need to secure a deal with Sony and Nintendo. We’re looking into getting those.” Alonso further adds, “It would be a dream come true to have our game running on those platforms!”

So if you’ve been wanting to add an enthralling, epic RPG to your Wii U lineup of indie titles, you can express your interest in the Heart Forth, Alicia Kickstarter project by donating funds or simply letting others know about the title. Until then, check out the video below to get a better feel for Heart Forth, Alicia‘s captivating storyline, incredible gameplay, and nostalgic features and graphics — all narrated by a (is that you narrating, Alonso?!) powerful, dramatic voice that’s sure to get your nostalgic energy stirred up.