Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Wii U Discovered On Best Buy Website

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Wii U

First it’s listed on Newegg. Now, it’s on Best Buy!

Since Sunday, October 6th, a mysterious Wii U version of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon has been slowly brought to light, backed up by countless pieces of undeniably solid evidence. Today, the intriguing case sees a new lead, from an entirely new source: retailer Best Buy.

Our full investigation log thus far:

  • October 6 — Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Coming To Wii U? (view here)
  • October 6 — Newegg “Confirms” Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Wii U Listing Is Guaranteed (view here)
  • October 6 — You Can Now Pre-Order Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Wii U (view here)
  • October 7 — Further Evidence Suggests Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon For Wii U (view here)
  • October 7 — Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Wii U Goes Ghost On (view here)
  • October 9 — Luigi’s Mansion Wii U – If You Don’t Believe In Ghosts, You Might Now (view here) *
  • October 18 — This Nintendo Rep Mentions Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Wii U (view here)
  • October 19 — Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Wii U Discovered On Best Buy Website (viewing)

* this is our 2,254-word article on why a Luigi’s Mansion remake for Wii U just makes sense.

Here’s the image of the listing on Best Buy’s business website. The game is currently listed for $47.99, has no placeholder release date, and says “Product details will be available soon.” under the “Product Specs” area. Click image for full view.

We’ll continue to provided updated information as we receive it. Thanks to detective Erik for sending the news tip!

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Best Buy)

Also, since it’s the Year of Luigi, here’s a few reasons why we think there will be some kind of remake for a Luigi title. It could be a remake of 3DS title Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon or it could be an HD remake for the original Luigi’s Mansion, which was released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2001/2002.

  1. February 14 – “Year of Luigi” declared via Nintendo Direct (view here)
  2. February 14 – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Valentines Cards (view here)
  3. February 19 – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Interview, Mr. Miyamoto (view here)
  4. March 15 – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Swapnote Stationery (view here)
  5. March 17 – Luigi’s 72-Hour Sale At Club Nintendo America (view here)
  6. March 19 – Year of Luigi Miiverse Community Opens (view here)
  7. March 24 – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon released for 3DS
  8. March 24 – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Puzzle Swap Panel (view here)
  9. March 27 – Make your own Poltergust 5000 video released (view here)
  10. April 17 – 3DS LL announced for Japanese region (view here)
  11. June 19 – Club Nintendo offers Limited Edition Luigi Pin (view here)
  12. June 20 – New Super Luigi U released for Wii U (digital)
  13. July 12 – “Year of Luigi Sound Selection” for Club Nintendo Japan (view here)
  14. July 13 – Iwata Asks: New Super Luigi U (view here)
  15. July 25 – Luigi-themed PC/Smartphone wallpapers, icons (view here)
  16. July 26 – New Super Luigi U director issues Coin Challenge (view here)
  17. August 7 – Luigi announced for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS (view here)
  18. August 11 – Mario & Luigi: Dream Team released for 3DS
  19. August 12 – Luigi-themed Chicago “L” train marketing campaign (view here)
  20. August 24 – Finding Luigi – Legend of Parkour video released (view here)
  21. August 25 – New Super Luigi U released for Wii U (retail)
  22. September 26 – Luigi-themed handkerchiefs Club Nintendo America (view here)
  23. October 15 – 3DS XL announced for Europe region (view here)
  24. October 18 – Club Nintendo Europe Year Of Luigi Coin (view here)


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